Vintage Window Paint Workshop by Tanya Nicole Designs

Available Dates:



38170 Hawkins Pickle Rd. Dewdney BC


Come make something beautiful!

This workshop is a hands on experience, where you get to make your next conversation piece. You can be a DIY'er and I will show you how!
I have the space, all the tools, and your window waiting. I just
need you to make the transformation complete. Paint and
accessories are provided, and you will get to take your very
own masterpiece home!

Join me, and bring your friends for a workshop like no other.

What you can expect  from the Paint Workshop:

  •  detailed outline of the workshop including step by step instructions
  • gloves, paint brush, paint, sandpaper, finishing rag,  sample piece of wood (for practicing paint techniques)
  •   1930-1960 vintage window (choice of 3 different sizes)
  • live demonstrations
  • vintage inspired finishing techniques
  • decorating tips and ideas to incorporate your new window into your home
  • refreshments; coffee, tea, water, lemonade
  • a fun evening to dream, create and be inspired

Workshop Cost:  $85.00