Whole Home Renovation

If you've had a picture in your mind of your dream home or space but can't quite figure out how to bring it to life, then you've come to the right place. What ever your reason for a whole home renovation, I will help you overcome any design struggles you may be having and have you loving your home in no time! 

The Steps

  1. Let's Get Started 
  2. Initial Design Meeting
  3. Design Consultation, Measure Up and Home Documentation
  4. Space Plan
  5. Design Presentation
  6. Final Presentation
  7. Delivery and Setup

Here's How it Works

I will come to your home for an initial 1.5 hour design consultation.  This is where I will get to know you, your home and your vision.  After we complete this step, I will asses your project and advise you of what it will take to bring your dream to life.  We will then move on to the Design Consultation.  I will come to your home, further review the project with you and take measurements, documentation and pictures of the home.  With all this information, I will create a detailed, rendered space plan unique to your requirements.  Upon approval of the Space Plan, you will receive a Design Presentation consisting of paint and stain colors, fabrics, rugs, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories.  For your Final Presentation, I will put together a complete reference guide of every aspect of the design, including detailed descriptions, finishes and costs. Whether you decide to take the Final Presentation into your own hands or have Tanya Nicole Designs  organize painters, installers and other various trades (if applicable) and complete the delivery and setup for you, the outcome will be spectacular.   Now for the Delivery and Setup, this is the most exciting part, this is when everything comes together.  From the installation of the new counter-tops to the primping of the flowers on the new dining room table, the organization of the bookshelves to the fluffing of the pillows, its important to you and its important to me. Are you ready to get started?


                                                               Whole Home Renevation

                                                              Whole Home Renevation