Do you want to be a DIY superstar?

Are you overwhelmed when it comes to DIY projects for your home? 

There’s no doubt that Pinterest has some great ideas out there for crafting, building and creating, however so many people hit a wall before they even get started.  Questions such as “do I have the space to complete this project? How do I start?  How long will it take? Am I really capable of taking on this project by myself?  Do I have the proper tools? Where should I buy my paint and what is the best quality? And the list could go on.  

So after talking yourself out of the idea of DIY you come up with the conclusion that it’s a whole lot easier throwing in the towel and buying something brand new to fill that hole.  However, what you wont get, is the satisfaction that you have made something with your own hands,  the pride you will feel every time guests come to your home and compliment you on your most recent craft, or the joy will feel everyday knowing that you worked hard to make something beautiful. 

So whatever is stopping you from creating a project that’s been on your mind, put that aside and let me help! 

Maybe you don’t have the space for a big project, but I do. 

I will show you how to start and finish your project, by keeping you motivated and focused, and you will be done in no time.

I have all the necessary tools.

I know what paint to buy, and will always have it on hand.

And I will prove to you just how talented you really are.

If your ready to get your DIY success story started, join me this fall for an evening of painting, learning and DIY fun.  


Coming this fall: Vintage Window Paint Workshop

Check out the workshops page for full details, class description and location.