Five Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall

1. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Collect Frames and Accessories

Whether this is a project that takes a couple of years or you want a gallery wall tomorrow, you still need to collect frames, pictures and/or wall accessories.  Find frames, pictures and accessories that work together, depending on the style of gallery wall you are wanting, they don’t have to match they just have to collaborate in a way that creates the look you are going for.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your gallery wall, you can even use shelves to add some extra dimension to wall.    For a more eclectic look you can mix many different items, colors and sizes of frames.  For a cleaner, more modern look, use a single color and style of frame.  My favorite place to shop for a large variety of frames and accessories is Winners/HomeSense.  I always seem to hit the jack pot there.  Remember to keep your receipts, just in case one of the frames doesn’t work out. 


2. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Measure the Wall

Get out your tape measure and accurately measure the exact area you want your gallery wall to fit into.   You will use these measurements as a guide for your paper template.


3. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Create a Paper Template

Map out the size of your gallery wall on the floor and start to play around with layouts that could work.  Once you have found the perfect layout, you can start bringing the wall to life.  This is the no fail technique I use: Take a large piece of paper, or a few pieced together (newspapers taped together will do the trick) to create the outline of the gallery wall.  Place the frames on the paper, trace the frames and make an “X” in the exact spot that the hardware would be positioned as you will be using the “X” later on to drill the hole in the wall or hammer the nail.


4. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Transfer the Paper to the Wall

Once you have traced all your frames and placed all you “X’s” you can transfer the paper to the wall and attach with tape in a few places to keep it hung.  You’ve already done the hard work, now you just need to drill your holes on all the “X’s”.  Once all the holes are drilled, remove the paper from the wall and insert wall anchors and screws to hang the frames.

5. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Hang Frames and Accessories

This is the fun part and most rewarding step as you finally get to see the finished product.  Hang all the pictures, sit back and enjoy!

Gallery walls can be so much fun and they really do bring so much life to any space, whether your adding family pictures, trinkets you've collected from around the world or beautiful pieces of art that make you smile.  If you need a little boost with your gallery wall design, I have created a Gallery Wall Inspiration Guide to help you get just the look you want.

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