Interior Design from the Inside Out

"I want my space to make me feel happy", a request that really struck a chord inside.  I recently worked with a client who not only reminded me why I chose my profession, but more importantly that I really love what I do and I am grateful every time I am invited into a home and entrusted to transform their space!

I am often asked what I do for work, my answer: "I am an Interior Designer", and a very common response to this answer is...."that's my dream job!"  The crazy thing is, it's my dream job too!

Long story short, I have loved interior design ever since I was a little girl; however, I had this urge inside to help people, and wasn't quite sure that my two passions could intertwine I studied social work for two years and soon found out it was a career I respected but could not pursue.  Back to the drawing board, a few years wiser, I had this epiphany...

I can help people through interior design!  

I can help people make their house a place where they feel happy, relaxed and at home; I can help people create their dream space within their budget, I can help people envision their home in a way they never imagined;  I can help people come up with the perfect space plan; I can help people re-purpose and re-use elements in their home ,  I can listen to peoples wants and needs and in turn give them style and functionality.  

I am an Interior Designer, I love what I do, I love helping people with their design struggles, I love creating unique and stunning spaces and I love the beauty, the joy and the friendships that come out of every project.

If you have a design struggle of your own, visit my contact page or facebook page and leave me a message, I would love to chat.  Whether the ceilings are to low, ceilings are too high, your living room is long and narrow, your kitchen feels like a dungeon, you want to update your lighting, flooring or color scheme,  your building a new home or undergoing renovations, big projects or small projects, I will help you overcome those struggles and transform your space into something beautiful that will make you feel happy to be home.