Warming up for Fall

With the trees changing color, leaves falling to the ground and the crisp nights leaving a sparkling blanket of frost on the grass, autumn really is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Although this season brings some beautiful sun shining days and star filled nights, it also brings what can sometimes feel like never ending rainy cold days and long dark nights.  However, there are many ways to shut out the cold and keep the warmth and coziness inside your home.   Incorporating accent pieces in the colors found outdoors such as the rusty reds, pumpkin oranges and golden yellows will add a pop of color and bring life to the space.  Keeping a vase of fresh flowers in the home and some lit candles will bring some vivacity to the space with a soft glow of light and fresh fragrance.  Adding an area rug to your living room, dining room and/or bedroom will not only define and enhance the space it will also bring an element of warmth by tying everything together and not to mention, having a soft place to put your feet.  Place a few extra throw pillows on the sofa and accent chairs to make any space appear cozier. This can be achieved by mixing up the textures, colors, sizes and even adding a little sparkle.  Drape a stylish throw blanket over the back or arm of a sofa or accent chair, at the end of the bed or corner of the ottoman, to create a welcoming space that encourages all snuggling, whether in front of the crackling fire place, your favorite TV series or a wild game of scrabble.  Fall can be many things, but cold doesn’t have to be one of them, whatever your style or budget let the beauty of this season lend some creativity and warmth to your home.