Living Room Love

Designing a Comfy, Stylish, Functional Living Room You Will Love

With Christmas just around the corner and the thought of gathering with friends and family, I couldn't help but think about the important role of the living room in every home.  I mean, I feel like kitchens always get to be the star of the show being the heart of the home and all, but don't underestimate the importance of a functional, cozy, stylish living room.  A well designed, thought out living room will welcome family and friends,  and keep them comfortable during their visit; and in the end, will help you out in the entertaining department.

Designing a Comfy, Stylish and Functional Living Room...Comfort is Important!

One of the most important elements when styling your living room is making sure the furniture pieces you choose are actually comfortable and fit in the space.   "Looks may be deceiving" is not a review you want for your furniture.  Style without comfort is not functional. Invest in comfortable, well made, easy to clean pieces that properly fit within the space and your stylish living room will be off to a great start.

Designing a Comfy, Stylish and Functional Living Room...For Awkward Spaces

Every home has its challenges, sometimes its an awkward space that is hard to work with, hard to furnish and therefor hard to find inspiration for.  I love tricky spaces like this, it not only gives me a challenge as if I am solving a puzzle, but is also rewarding once the job is complete and the space looks beautiful.  In this space, angled walls, defining the living space, made it difficult to choose a sofa or a sectional, as many comfy sofas are over-sized.  With a little space planning, shopping around and trying out some furniture, we found the perfect piece that was not only comfy and stylish but it fit in the room and the overall budget as well.

1.Accent Table - Home Sense; 2.Accent Pillows -; 3.Lexie Chair and a Half - Leons; 4.Area Rug -; 5.Papasan Chair - Pier One Imports; 6.Ancha Reversible Chaise Sectional -; 7. Round Wooden Tray -; 8.Boho styled planters inspired by; 9. Bohemian styled wallpaper- photo credit; 10. Macrame Plant Holders -  Modern Macrame queen Emily Katz

Designing a Comfy, Stylish and Functional Living Room...Large Spaces and Confined Budgets

Having a large space does not always make it easier to furnish especially when it comes down to the budget.  Bigger area equals more space to fill and for a living room, comfy sofas, accent chairs and lighting can add up quickly.  So not only is it about designing a space to feel inviting, look stylish and function in the way that it needs to, but all of these aspects need to fit within a comfortable budget.  Just like the outcomes of awkward spaces, large rooms with confined budgets can look amazing as well!

1. 5 Light Chandelier - Birch Lane (; 2.Fortuna Side Chair -; 3.Anamur Table -; 4.Atlantic 1 light wall sconce - Wildon Home ( 5.Modern wood slab side table - Homesense; 6.Saura Sofa - Loon Peak (; 7.Holsely Ottoman -; 8.Lucy Ikat Slipper Chair -; 9. Ellery Tufted Club Chair - Three Posts (; 10.Florian Hand Woven Natural Area Rug - Dwell Studios (

Designing a Comfy, Stylish and Functional Living Room...Big Comfy Dreams for a Small Space

Small spaces with big comfy dreams are a possibility.  We used up every inch a space for this living room with a large cushioned sofa and a "sink into and relax with your favorite book" chair and a half.  A light warm wall color gives the space an airy feel, while offsetting the large furniture pieces, and a large modern farmhouse inspired area rug ties the whole space together.  Comfy, stylish and very functional.

1. Santa Fe Rusticos 3 Piece Entertainment Unit - The Brick; 2. Olga Grey Area Rug -; 3. Harriston Chair and a Half - Ashley Home Store; 4.Lexington Coffee Table -; 5. Meryl 3 Light Semi Flush Mount Light- August Grove; 6. Hannah Sectional - Mercury Row

Are you unsure of how to design your living room to make it work you and your family?  Style, Comfort and Function is what I do.  Whatever your design struggle is in your home, I can help!  Awkward spaces, small spaces, large spaces, or confined budgets I am up for the challenge.  Whether your just wanting some helpful tips and pointers or want some design assistance for your next project, visit my contact page or facebook page, leave me a note and let me know how I can help.




Interior Design from the Inside Out

"I want my space to make me feel happy", a request that really struck a chord inside.  I recently worked with a client who not only reminded me why I chose my profession, but more importantly that I really love what I do and I am grateful every time I am invited into a home and entrusted to transform their space!

I am often asked what I do for work, my answer: "I am an Interior Designer", and a very common response to this answer is...."that's my dream job!"  The crazy thing is, it's my dream job too!

Long story short, I have loved interior design ever since I was a little girl; however, I had this urge inside to help people, and wasn't quite sure that my two passions could intertwine I studied social work for two years and soon found out it was a career I respected but could not pursue.  Back to the drawing board, a few years wiser, I had this epiphany...

I can help people through interior design!  

I can help people make their house a place where they feel happy, relaxed and at home; I can help people create their dream space within their budget, I can help people envision their home in a way they never imagined;  I can help people come up with the perfect space plan; I can help people re-purpose and re-use elements in their home ,  I can listen to peoples wants and needs and in turn give them style and functionality.  

I am an Interior Designer, I love what I do, I love helping people with their design struggles, I love creating unique and stunning spaces and I love the beauty, the joy and the friendships that come out of every project.

If you have a design struggle of your own, visit my contact page or facebook page and leave me a message, I would love to chat.  Whether the ceilings are to low, ceilings are too high, your living room is long and narrow, your kitchen feels like a dungeon, you want to update your lighting, flooring or color scheme,  your building a new home or undergoing renovations, big projects or small projects, I will help you overcome those struggles and transform your space into something beautiful that will make you feel happy to be home.

Do you want to be a DIY superstar?

Are you overwhelmed when it comes to DIY projects for your home? 

There’s no doubt that Pinterest has some great ideas out there for crafting, building and creating, however so many people hit a wall before they even get started.  Questions such as “do I have the space to complete this project? How do I start?  How long will it take? Am I really capable of taking on this project by myself?  Do I have the proper tools? Where should I buy my paint and what is the best quality? And the list could go on.  

So after talking yourself out of the idea of DIY you come up with the conclusion that it’s a whole lot easier throwing in the towel and buying something brand new to fill that hole.  However, what you wont get, is the satisfaction that you have made something with your own hands,  the pride you will feel every time guests come to your home and compliment you on your most recent craft, or the joy will feel everyday knowing that you worked hard to make something beautiful. 

So whatever is stopping you from creating a project that’s been on your mind, put that aside and let me help! 

Maybe you don’t have the space for a big project, but I do. 

I will show you how to start and finish your project, by keeping you motivated and focused, and you will be done in no time.

I have all the necessary tools.

I know what paint to buy, and will always have it on hand.

And I will prove to you just how talented you really are.

If your ready to get your DIY success story started, join me this fall for an evening of painting, learning and DIY fun.  


Coming this fall: Vintage Window Paint Workshop

Check out the workshops page for full details, class description and location.

Five Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall

1. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Collect Frames and Accessories

Whether this is a project that takes a couple of years or you want a gallery wall tomorrow, you still need to collect frames, pictures and/or wall accessories.  Find frames, pictures and accessories that work together, depending on the style of gallery wall you are wanting, they don’t have to match they just have to collaborate in a way that creates the look you are going for.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your gallery wall, you can even use shelves to add some extra dimension to wall.    For a more eclectic look you can mix many different items, colors and sizes of frames.  For a cleaner, more modern look, use a single color and style of frame.  My favorite place to shop for a large variety of frames and accessories is Winners/HomeSense.  I always seem to hit the jack pot there.  Remember to keep your receipts, just in case one of the frames doesn’t work out. 


2. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Measure the Wall

Get out your tape measure and accurately measure the exact area you want your gallery wall to fit into.   You will use these measurements as a guide for your paper template.


3. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Create a Paper Template

Map out the size of your gallery wall on the floor and start to play around with layouts that could work.  Once you have found the perfect layout, you can start bringing the wall to life.  This is the no fail technique I use: Take a large piece of paper, or a few pieced together (newspapers taped together will do the trick) to create the outline of the gallery wall.  Place the frames on the paper, trace the frames and make an “X” in the exact spot that the hardware would be positioned as you will be using the “X” later on to drill the hole in the wall or hammer the nail.


4. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Transfer the Paper to the Wall

Once you have traced all your frames and placed all you “X’s” you can transfer the paper to the wall and attach with tape in a few places to keep it hung.  You’ve already done the hard work, now you just need to drill your holes on all the “X’s”.  Once all the holes are drilled, remove the paper from the wall and insert wall anchors and screws to hang the frames.

5. Tips for Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall – Hang Frames and Accessories

This is the fun part and most rewarding step as you finally get to see the finished product.  Hang all the pictures, sit back and enjoy!

Gallery walls can be so much fun and they really do bring so much life to any space, whether your adding family pictures, trinkets you've collected from around the world or beautiful pieces of art that make you smile.  If you need a little boost with your gallery wall design, I have created a Gallery Wall Inspiration Guide to help you get just the look you want.

Click here to download your FREE Gallery Wall Inspiration Guide.

Are you tired of staring at that empty space on the wall wondering, "what should I put there?  What would go?  Maybe you've thought of creating a Gallery Wall but are still unsure of how to piece everything together, I can help!  Check out my Gallery Wall Creation Package where you will receive a design consultation, 1 hour shopping assistance and a personalized layout featuring items and frames that reflect you and your home.  This offer is  available for only $75.00 until the end of summer...what are you waiting for?  Lets Get Started!